Tanggero Skill: The Classic Daiquiri

Sukatan ng galing ng bartenders, dapat alam din ng tanggerong Pinoy!

Summer is here and one classic cocktail that is deliciously refreshing is a Daiquiri. Here are the ingredients of the classic drink:

  • Juice of two (2) limes, kung wala, Kalamansi 10 to 15 pcs, don’t include the seeds
  • Simple Sugar Syrup 2 shot glasses, to make syrup: just combine 1 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water
  • White Rum or kung wala Tanduay Rhum, add 5 shot glasses
  • One tall glass
  • Ice cubes

Mix everything together, share vigorously for 30 seconds, pour and strain in a tall glass, para walang extra ice. Add a straw para tamaan ng matinde si crush.

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