The 1,650 year old Wine Bottle…

Historians and wine experts are debating whether to open or not the OLDEST SEALED Wine Bottle in the World.

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Thank you Marguille for sharing this info. Here are the facts about the Speyer Wine Bottle:

  • It was found in 1867 in the grave of a Roman Nobleman in Germany
  • It is placed in the Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Germany.
  • It was named after the city of Speyer
  • The glass amphora has handles in the shape of dolphins and is sealed with wax.
  • The contents of the bottle is about one-third olive oil which in the past was used as a preservative that prevented the wine from oxidizing.
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  • During the World War I, it was analyzed by a chemist but was never opened
  • Many scientist had asked to examined it but none were granted permission.
  • Contrary to popular belief that the older the wine the better it taste, this one is undrinkable.

Would you take a sip of this wine? Cheers!

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