The Benefits Of Alcohol

Thanks to Jandel for sending us this link from Health Advice Magazine’s Facebook page.

The photos show the benefits of each alcoholic drink. And because of that, I’ll take their advice!

Its nice to know that we get some benefits from drinking.. in moderation. Basta steady lang. Let us know your thoughts..

Whiskey helps in weight loss… sakto for summer bod!

Beer boost brain power.. alam na this!

Vodka cures tooth aches… masubukan next time. We also heard that it clears stuffed nose.. singhot sa ilong nga lang yun shot. Hehe

Rum cures sore throat… agree on this one.

Tequila regulates cholesterol… interesting ah

Red wine cures hypertension… ayos!

Brandy slows down aging… aba aba, sekreto ng mga gwapo pala brandy.

Champagne boost heart health… if you say so. one round!

Pero at the end of the day… just drink moderately and with friends. It’s all good in the hood. *cheers*



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