Think Your Drinking Stories Are Wild? Think Again

Most of us have drunk stories and funny escapades involving alcohol.

Inakyat ang bakod kasi late na kayong bumalik sa bahay? Check. Nakatulog sa banyo? Check. Nagtry sumugod sa dagat para iligtas si Nemo? Check.

But what a lot of people don’t know, that if you think your experiences are wild, far outrageous things actually happened in history thanks to booze.

Alcohol helped elect George Washington.

Photo by Study Breaks Magazine

George Washington ran for office in 1755 but was unsuccessful.  Two years later, he ran again. But this time, he came prepared.

He used the entirety of his campaign funds to buy 144 gallons of beer, cider, punch and wine for the voters.  It turns out that bribing people with alcohol in exchange for their votes was extremely common until the 18th century. People came to voting precincts not only to elect officials, they came to get wasted and start fights. Amazing.

Photo by The British Library

Philippine politicians, take note po.

Alcohol caused Persepolis to burn down. Alexander the Great loved conquering… and alcohol.

Photo by Zoroastrian Heritage

While he probably did stupid things while drunk, nothing could have surpassed his poor decisions regarding Persepolis.

The night after he had successfully taken hold of the city, he and his men held a celebration. The drunk Alexander the Great thought, “Yo! Mga pre, let’s burn the city down. Hehehe ” Which was strange considering that the whole place now belonged to him.

Not only was Persepolis lost, massive collections of historical information about the city and Persia were destroyed in the fire.

Imagine waking up from a hangover the next day and find that you have destroyed the city you fought hard for to own. Yikes.

Alcohol helped build the pyramids.

Photo by Ancient Egypt

It is not a common knowledge but beer was in fact involved with the construction of the great pyramids in Egypt.

Beer was already in existence during that time and was highly popular with Egyptians. So popular that pyramid workers were given beer as a part of their work payment.

Photo by Foodal

This payment of alcohol was actually quite common in Egypt from 2686 to 2181 BCE. It was everyone’s favorite drink and motivated them to turn great ideas into reality… like the giant pyramids.


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