Home Drink Hacks This Chair is a BRO’s Bro Chair…

This Chair is a BRO’s Bro Chair…


Its your WING MAN that you can seat on…

Nothing beats relaxing with a cold beer, just lounging and seating around in the garden after a long day at work. Unless you’re filthy rich, the only problem is going back to the fridge to get another beer. Well, that is easily solved with this chair.

This is the MICHIGAN Beer Chair and its awesome like a best friend. It dispense cold beer so you dont have to break your relaxing groove. It even has a compartment for your ice to keep your brewski cold. A bit of a disappointment is that it can only have 6 cans, maybe its the American Culture of 6-packs, but if they plan to invade the Philippines, that should be at least a case (24 cans), coz sometimes Mahaba habang inuman is the way to go. Cheers!

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