Hinde ‘to LADIES DRINK Pare…

We remember watching a skit of Bubble Gang before titled “Di Ako Bading” in the year 2011, A three-part sketch which involves a man portrayed by Michael V. who easily gets upset to people who treat him as a gay. Near the end of each episode, he is restrained by his best friend, portrayed by Wendell Ramos. In one of the skit, Lito, the character of Michael V. was offered a cocktail drink, and gets infuriated because he was given a “ladies drink”.

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Not all cocktails are ladies drink and here we have the top 10 cocktails for men. Just don’t drink too much of this heavenly drinks, the closet queens might come out! Cheers!

  1. Martini
  2. Gin Tonic
  3. Jack and Coke
  4. Old Fashioned
  5. Bloody Mary/ Caesar
  6. White Russian
  7. Tom Collins
  8. Rum and Coke (Cuba Libre)
  9. Sazerac
  10. Mojito

Honorable Mentions: Whiskey Sour, New Orleans Fizz, Negroni, Manhattan,