Top 5 Reasons Why Pinoys Love to Drink

Ever wonder why Pinoy’s love to drink? Here’s the top 5 reasons why they’re so hooked with it.


  1. It’s a long enduring socializing fact

Filipinos are quite very sociable and with being sociable comes being accustomed to drinking.Tinatanong pa bay an? Whether you’re in a city, or a barrio, a bar or in a man’s backyard, you’d see almost every sort of Filipino, gathering around for some chitchat or kamustahan while having a good old toma. Well, what better way than to chill and have a few shots of booze to wash down the shyness away as we dive deeper into each other’s stories, right?


  1. Kailangan ng pampakalma!

Money, Job, and Relationship, when you have [or don’t have] these things, chances are you are having [or will be having] conflicts caused by these. Some may falter. Some may breakdown. For Pinoys, well, they aren’t called resilient without any reason.

But even the most resilient need to blow of some steam and drinking is one way to cast the worries away for the meantime while making plans on how to turn things around. Kalma kalma din pag may time as they say!


  1. Festival = Toma!

Pinoys are fond of parties and celebrations. It’s an accepted cultural trait that traces back to the colonization era. Fiestas are the most obvious examples. Thanks to the generous beer company sponsors in festivals, the drinking tradition is very much alive.

Even small celebrations like getting the first paycheck, or bonus means a drinking session. No Filipino celebration would ever be complete without drinks.


  1. It’s all about the Ads

Notice how many ads in TV are about alcohols? In PH, you’d see at most 5 different brands appearing a couple of times a day. Multiply that to how much you watch TV and you’d get the number of times these products are imprinted in the brain. The catchier they are, the more people buy these products.


  1. Pakikisama

There isn’t quite a word for it, but Pinoys call it Pakikisama, a trait where they do things they don’t usually do to be able to show respect to the practices of those people they are with. Tol, Damayan mo naman ako, or Pare, tagay ka muna, these are just two among the number of lines you’d hear from any drinkers around.

What’s there to loose anyway right? It’s just but a shot to quench the thirst, and a toast to celebrate friendship.

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