This would be fun during the rainy season…

Yes folks, the rainy season is upon us. Our usual tambayans and pwesto ng inuman would for the most part be drenched with rain and as if a little water would dampen our spirits… our liquor spirits that is.

It’s a bit a hassle when a down pour happens when you’re about to head out to get some much needed respite from the daily grind and enjoy a little over legal consumption amount of booze. Things should not always be a drag. Why don’t you bring that party inside and enjoy a fun game as strip drinking jenga. Its quite easy.

Well the basic mechanics is that every time somebody topples the deck, one losses a clothing garment. All the while you keep the booze flowing and the pulutan, abundant. And soon as the liquor makes everyone’s inhibition disappear then the real party begins. You dont need to be sober in this game. Trust us. Rain plus Booze is the way to go. Cheers!