What’s Hustlin’ Yellow Cab??!

Your favorite 100% Filipino Pizza got your back, Fam!

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Payday Friday is such a drag, the traffic alone can make anyone go ballistic. What more if you want to knock down a few bottles of beer with the gang, and there’s not enough time to cook that pulutan. Luckily for us, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is helping us with our inuman sessions with what we call an instant inuman starter kit. Enjoy their  juicy and crunchy chicken tenders called Hustlers XL with two bottles of Brew Kettle, Belgian Witbier Style Beer, and Yellow Cab will throw in two additional Brew Kettle Beer for only Php 545. No Muss No Fuss Chilax Inuman, we suggest buying two sets for a perfect 2-bots sesh for four pax! Cheers!

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