Why Millennials Drink Craft Beer…

Here are some observations of why millennials drink craft beer.

  • Craft Beer is considered as “small independent company”; “small batch production”; and “handcrafted.
  • Craft Beer offers better quality, more variety, consistent availability on-premise, more flavor options and more seasonal offerings; on drought, price and complements food are other key criteria.

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  • Craft Beers often are  locally-made and millennials will support their own.
  • Craft Beers often engage withe millennials through social media
  • Millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, they are more likely to become a loyal customer.
  • Craft Beer sometimes allow customers to contribute ideas for more flavor/ ingredient options.

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  • Flavor (99 percent) and freshness (94 percent) are the top two factors when choosing a craft beer to purchase.
  • Craft beer is viewed as an affordable luxury.
  • Instead of recognizing a brand by a name or a logo, millennials find true value in the experiences they co-create with the brand.
  • Females ages 21-34 drink craft beer with food more now that a couple years ago.

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  • Craft Beer more often than not offers higher alcohol content so consuming a bottle or two would afford you a buzz comparable to chugging a case of your regular beer. Consuming less means healthier habit.
  • Millennials consider themselves adventurous. They are loyal to brands that provide experiences they cannot get in their everyday lives.
  • Millennial males purchase a craft brand that they have never heard of or seen advertised 47 percent of the time.

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