You and your Pulutan: What your favorite Pinoy Pulutan says about you

Filipinos love to bond over drinks. Whether it’s a happy celebration (“Na-promote ka na!”) or a morose occasion (“Basted ka na naman!”), Pinoys will talk about anything big or small over a couple bottles of cold beer.

No inuman session is complete without your favorite pulutan. From the Filipino word “pulot” which means to pick up, pulutan is usually shared among friends, bites of which are taken in between sips and conversation.

Each pulutan has its own characteristics—just like you and your friends. And as the saying goes, you are what you eat. What does your favorite pulutan say about you?

Pulutan Infographic

Sisig is a classic Pinoy pulutan, and is a staple in grill restaurants-turned-inuman places. Minced pig parts atop a sizzling plate, it goes well with a squeeze of calamansi and some chili. The oilier, the better!

What it says about you: You enjoy the classics, and you don’t mind spending a little on these timeless things. Like the versatile sisig, you get along with most people and can blend into any crowd just fine.

Kinilaw is made from raw fish (usually tanigue or tuna) marinating in vinegar, onions, garlic, chilies and other spices. Best eaten in drinking sessions at the beach, kinilaw tastes good when the fish used is fresh off the day’s catch.

What it says about you: You are acquired taste; not everybody likes you, but that’s okay. It only matters to you that you get along fine with the right kind of people. When put in sour situations, you don’t sulk up. Instead, you put your game face on, and it ends up bringing the best in you.

Chicharon or pork rinds never fail as a great beer match. Crunchy and flavorful, chicharon is the kind of pulutan that you can’t stop reaching for. Pass the vinegar, please!

What it says about you: You’re the talk of the town, adding that much needed life into any kind of party. Like the chicharon, you’re the kind of person people can’t get enough of – everyone flocks around you as you tell your latest exciting story!

Papaitan is a popular Ilocano soup made with cow innards. Cow’s bile is added, lending its bitter taste. Best slurped with a bottle of below zero!

What it says about you: Bitter ka, chong? You may be going through something depressing right now, but just like the other times, you’ll stand back up and dust yourself off. Yes, you wallow in your sadness for a bit, but isn’t that what tagay sessions are for anyway?

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