Seafood Stuffed Lechon… MIND BLOWN!

As Lechon was not good enough, they elevated it to a new level.

Stuffing something into a meat dish is not something new. The Americans have been doing it since the day they started celebrating Thanksgiving Day. But you know us Filipinos, we might copy but we make it our own.

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This video we found is about the seafood stuffed lechon and the chicken stuffed lechon. Making it a deadly combo of sorts. The chicken stuffed chicken might be losing a few brownie points, one thing is that the chicken should be fully cooked but the other is that since its not directly heated by the flame, it looses that crispy skin factor. For us, the only way to eat roasted chicken is with smokey and crispy skin.

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Now lets head over to the main attraction,  the seafood stuffed lechon. Not only is the crabs and shrimps cooked but it absorbs all that porky flavor as it slowly cooks inside the lechon. We fear that it might be over cooked and since its not in direct contact with the flame it might still survive the ordeal. Seafood does produce a oceany and salty juice when cooked and this in turn is absorbed by the lechon. Its a total marriage for this two and we cant be much prouder. We thought you cant improve on a classic, this dish made us believers, the best can still be innovated. Cheers!

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