Monsters of the seas, monsters of the dining table…

Asia has been blessed with the abundance of the sea, with two large bodies of water, this continent has been a great source for seafood. So its quite normal to witness large species of seafood, but this dish in Hong Kong makes quite an impression.

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The video is about Orange Cuttlefish in Tai Po Village, Hong Kong. They serve parts of the cuttlefish or squid at 45 HKD or a little over Php300 per serving. These three monsters in the video easily weighs more than 2kgs each even more. The “orange” comes from the food dye and other flavorings of the squid. In no other way is the fruit involved in cooking or consuming of the dish. The dish is served with a black soy-sauced based dipping gravy that gives its mildly salty flavor. Ano kaya lasa nito pag-inadobo? Cheers!