Let’s all support Marga Manzano of Carling’s Kambingan!


How it all started

Carling’s Kambingan is an authentic ilocandia dishes specializing in goat meat. It was started by our grandparents Caroline and Victor Sr in 1966. The family recipe has been handed down from our parents and now to our generation.



We are continuing the legacy of our grandparents and knowing that our loyal customers are asking us to start the kambingan that they truly missed.


What are you most proud of in your place, food or service?

We are currently online because of the pandemic but we serve our famous Kaldereta, Adobo, Kilawin, Papaitan, Sinamplaukan, Ilocos Express, Dinakdakan and Kilawin North Style. All goat meat.


What Pulutan or dishes would you recommend to first-timers and why?

Kilawin, Kaldereta, Adobo, Kilawin North Style papaitan. Acutally we recommend all because they will see the difference of our authentic ilocandia specialty.


How about the drinks? 😁 What would you recommend to first-timers and why?

Wala kaming drinks sa menu, pero bagay ang inihaw na pusit and BBQ sa beer or on the rocks 🍻🥃Any drinks, from beers to hard liquor. It really matches our pulutan. 🙂


Where are you located?

Currently we are online but do pick ups and deliveries via lalamove/grab.


Operating Hours and How To Order

To order, kindly message us in our FB Page, CARLING’S KAMBINGAN.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Carlingskambingan/