Chicken Time

Today’s featured katanPuluts is chickentime by ronald reyes.

Here’s their story…

its a small food stall with around 6 tables that serves at night,mostly for our fellow manginginom,our specialties our flavored wings with 5 flavors ex.buffalo teriyaki,buffaloparmesan,garlicparmesan,sweet and spicy,we also have sisig,chicharon bulaklak and papaitan but one of our best seller is our trio we have 1 bilao which have buffalowings sisig and chicharon bulaklak,no need to think of whats our pulutan tonight?just p chicken time and we will here to give you our special foods

i want to have a well known restaurant which specialize pulutan especially chicken dishea

after our duty we almost drink everyday

Must try and recommendations?
bilao trio ( sisig,buffalo wings,chicharon bulaklak) because thats our best seller product
as of now we dont allow to drinks because we are just beside the school

san juan,san miguel bulacan

10am to 11 pm


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