Today’s featured katanPuluts is Etag Guy Manila by Dominic Lintan.

Here’s their story…

Etag Guy Manila specializes in smoking meat. Etag/Kinuday refers to smoked pork in Igorot. Smoking is a traditional meat preservation and preparation in the Cordilleras. Most households maintain a kiln where slabs of meat are cured and smoked for weeks using wood found in abundance in the highlands. The smoked meat is usually cooked with broths. That warm and earthy soup is one of the best ways to enjoy the chilly weather of the highlands. Modern preparations of etag now include salads, pasta, stir-fry recipes, and various Asian soups. It is our desire to serve all of you this indigenous and enduring delicacy.

Aside from etag, Etag Guy Manila has developed other smoked meat products and BBQ sauces inspired by our heritage. We hope to bring to your home the delightful flavors of ours.

To share Igorot delicacy to everyone

Our unique taste

Must try and recommendations?
Stir-fried Kinuday with a lot of onions!

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