Today’s featured katanPuluts is madchubs by Aaron or sydney.

Here’s their story…

Authentic Nueva Ecija dishes. We are from Nueva Ecija and wants to help out our cousins who got stuck in metro manila (some of them lost their jobs) earn money for their day to day. So we had this great idea to have Chubs & Pang’s fanbase try their food/pulutan.

Our own tastebuds! We make sure the food we serve is something we like!

helped our cousins to have a bit of money to go through this pandemic.

Must try and recommendations?
salmon dinakdakan because it is something unique.
We don’t serve drinks

we mainly reply when we can. cut off time for pre-orders is 3pm. (But we all know when you message us we try our best cater to our customers)

Please help us earn a bit of money through this trying times. We ourselves support other online food sellers.