Let’s all support Margel Lorenzo of Marvi’s Delivery!


How it all started

Well before this was a family run catering business then to campus-only silog meal delivery finally a tapa specialty delivery business. Being a spoiled grandson I grew up eating this not just every morning even lunch or dinner even as a pulutan with my uncle. The taste grew up on me, and now that I have a small kitchen and shack in Liwliwa Zambales I tried to offer my Lola’s famous tapa then patrons keep coming back even saying that the tapa is worth a travel. Then Covid pandemic comes and patrons were all wishing and asking if they can go to my lola’s house to buy some tapa, thus the start of Lola’s tapa of Marvi’s delivery.



Our shack guests that keeps coming back to our kitchen to enjoy a plate of my Lola’s tapa


What are you most proud of in your place, food or service?

Our tapa is made of pure, unadulterated, tender beef cooked for 4-6 hours on wood. No secret recipe just pure high quality beef & ingredients, meticulous preparation and 100% grandma’s love.


What Pulutan or dishes would you recommend to first-timers and why?



How about the drinks? 😁 What would you recommend to first-timers and why?

Beer would be good, but a good bottle of single malt would be better high-ball style or clean.


Operating Hours and How To Order

We only accept orders through Calls and/or text and only during 9am-5pm. Delivery time is upon availability. Contact number would be 0916 137 5083


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