More than Half a Million Pesos to Name your New Born – KFC

ITS Php 583,000 +++, Would you do it?

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All you have to do is name your newborn, Harland as in COL. HARLAND  SANDERS, the creator of the Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Yes, this guy below:

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But its not easy, your kid preferably a boy (coz, God bless your soul if you name Harland to a baby girl… #scarredforlife) should be born on September 9, the same birthday as the Colonel himself. The price is actually $11,000 US Dollars in tribute for the 11 ingredients and spices of the famous fried chicken. No body knows how many babies will be awarded with the cash prize on October 9, but its safe to say 2018 will be a year for the HARLANDs… Cheers!

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