Pulutang Pilipino: Fear Factor or Inuman?

Alam naman nating chicharon, sisig, at iba’t ibang luto ng baboy ang kadalasang nakalapag  pag may inuman. Pero paano naman kung you’re feeling a little… adventurous.

Labas na muna ang exotic foreign dishes. Let’s try something a little closer to home and look around the Philippines for some particularly interesting dishes na ginagawang partner sa inuman ng mga tambay sa tagayan.


For those who are wondering what are kamaru/kamaro exactly? Crickets.

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The crickets are cleaned by removing their wings, legs, and heads before cooking. According to those who tried this mildly disturbing delicacy, it tastes like a bitter-salty piece of shrimp.

Considered a snack in Kapampangan, it boasts of delivering a crunchy exterior that gives way to juicy interior once you bite into it. Though they are mostly served fried, they can also be prepared in several different ways like inadobo or gently boiled in soy sauce and vinegar.

June Bugs

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June bugs or salagubang is usually fried and served as an appetizer or pulutan. Sometimes, people prefer them to be cooked like adobo and topped on rice. This treat is particularly popular in areas like Nueva Ecija.


Beetle larvae

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Called uok in Rizal, this ingredient is prepared like any adobo and then paired with rice and tomatoes. Some restaurants in Angono even has this as part of their menu!


Ant eggs

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Ant eggs or abuos as the Ilocanos call it, is surprisingly expensive. Looking like some kind of seed, abuos are often sautéed in spices or prepared inadobo. Some particularly brave souls like to eat these ant eggs raw.

Stuffed frogs

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Frog legs are already well-known as a dish commonly prepared in less urbanized area. However, the Betute tugak dish from Pampanga is on a whole new level. Stuffed with ground pork and spices, the frogs are then deep-fried and served.


Photo by UPEPP-Beautiful Disaster

We’re not talking about domesticated mice here. Those are rodents that are potentially dangerous to consume or get exposed to.

Kung gusto mo ng pulutang daga, you need to get field mice. They are clean and free of the dangers house mice carry. Also, a lot of people from provincial areas are already familiar with the idea of cooking and eating them so you will find a lot of suggestions on how to prepare and cook field mice. What does these rodents taste like? “Lasang manok.”

By Kat Cabasan

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