Today’s featured katanPuluts is The Cowboy’s kitchenette by Johnson Dawagan .

Here’s their story…

We don’t have physical store as of this time because we’ve just started this month with our page :The Cowboy’s kitchenette, but since then we are already serving every time we are tapped by our regular customers who trusted us online under our previous private accounts and prior to the creation of the above mentioned Page.
We deliver within Pasig City AOR and selected nearby areas. We Specialized in Pulutan Making which can be good also for viand. We are proud to inform everybody here that the Cook was trained under the Guidance of experienced pulutan experts, skilled butchers and drunkards with talents in cooking since he was at young age these characters contributed a lot in building up his desire, competent personality and talent in food preparation and cooking combined it with their traditional way of food preparation and native practices which makes him to be seemingly perfect in the Field of Pulutan Making Industry. 👍

My love for God🙏, Family👨‍👩‍👦, and my Countrymen🇵🇭

Food (Pulutan), Free delivery(minimum of two Orders in order to avail the free delivery service ), add 20 pesos and up for solo orders depending on area location.

Must try and recommendations?
I recommend Dinakdakan or Mix Pulutan(chicken mix, seafood mix, Pork mix, and Beef Mix Pulutans) because it can match any kind of drinks, they are affordable, delicious and most of all these pulutan can represent our place of Origin due to their authenticity with regards to their preparation which are all patterned in Northern Luzon ways and styles👊.
I recommend Gin with calamansi🍊, with C2 🥤or with yakult🍶 for 1st timers and Pure Gin for the experts😂 because it can match all kinds of meaty, fatty or oily pulutan we serve.

Pasig City

Every after two days 3x a week, Nighttime only, by schedule for Daytime and sometimes Depends on availability of order. Just contact us through our CP no. Or preferably PM us on messenger.

The Cowboy’s Kitchenette

Tried and tested pulutan with satisfied testimonies of Customers served.