Let’s all support Faye Vera of TOMGUTS?!

How it all started

Tomguts? Started as a “Trip lang” during an inuman session. Cause me and my boyfriend are in the bar industry, (he’s a DJ and I used to be in marketing) we LOVE pulutan!! Then it started as a “try natin magbenta” discussion. With the help of his parents, TOMGUTS? was born! We started from 6-8pcs of Crispy Ulo on our first day. But now, we sell 400-500 pcs of Crispy Pata and Crispy Ulo combined in a week! Right now, me and my bf currently owns a physical store in Mandaluyong and will soon branch out in Antipolo!



To help our families and other people who needs help too.


What’s your favorite thing about your establishment?

Hindi tinipid yung Crispy Pata and Crispy Ulo namin. 100% complete ingredients and we don’t care about the BIG PROFIT. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We believe in making Pinoy pulutan AFFORDABLE.


Where are you located?

Pcruz St Barangka Ibaba Mandaluyong City


Operating Hours and How To Order

11am to 8pm Via our Facebook page Tomguts? Or call us at 09564273598.


Facebook Page


We are a Small business with a Big dream to help others. Our comissary consists of people who needs to earn to be able to feed their children everyday.. The more Crispy Pata and Crispy Ulo they cook, the more income for them.. Same goes for our riders. The more they deliver, the more they earn.


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