100% Filipino Made Motorcycle out to Conquer!

Moveover Ducati, step aside Bugatti.. Here comes the Banatti!

Whoever doubted the creative mind of the Filipinos, may now eat dust from this 100% Filipino Made beauty, meet the Banatti Green Falcon.

Our friends from TopGear featured this partly bamboo made electric bike  conceptualized and fabricated by Company CEO Christopher Lacson, paintman Eduardo Canete and engineer Jess Alimbo, and our jaws literally hit the floor. Its slick design and captivating edges will surely allure even the snobbish rider. Banatti was derived from the tagalog word “banat” which means speed up, attack, or go! And if you think this art on wheels doesn’t have the legs, its has a top speed of 60kph and can go as far as 45km in any direction. The aim of the company is to inspire, and we believe that the Green Falcon is a step on the right direction. Cheers!

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Banatti Green Falcom with CEO Chris Lacson

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Sleek front that really imitates a FALCON

Image result for banatti green falcon

The bamboo design really emphasize its Green concept

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