2018 What are the ODDS?

He’s at it again… Money talks and the fighting world goes nuts!

We found this video of fast talking, undefeated champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather is at it again, teasing his legions of fans of a comeback this 2018, but the big difference is its not going to be inside the square ring, it might be inside an MMA octagon.

After pocketing one of the biggest fight purse in history against Conor McGregor with ease, Money is taunting again the Gods of MMA by stepping up inside it’s world. Repeating. “what are the odds”, the fighter that has constantly found his way to win against any odds seems to tell us that, come up with the money and the betting odds, he will win no matter what.

Would you want to see Money inside the Octagon and against who? Share your thoughts on the comments section. Cheers!

Video: Fight Hub TV

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