Adidas’ Beer and Puke Proof Kicks

Photo by: Mix Mag

Beer-chugging sneakerheads, rejoice! Wear these kicks in your next party for a hassle-free, good-vibes feel.


Nothing beats stepping up into a party with you feeling fresh and dressing up to the nines. It can boost your confidence to earn a few pogi-points with the ladies. With limited accessories to pump up your swag, picking the right watch, bling and shoes is the name of the game. There are a few unforeseen pitfalls, too, such as revelry-induced beer spills and accidental projectile vomits (sure, it’s all an accident). Luckily, for us, Adidas came up with its first beer and barf repellent foot gear: 2017 Adidas Munchen MIG (Made In Germany)

Released in preparation for Germany’s Oktoberfest, the new Munchen is made from the finest leather with DPBR (Durable Puke and Beer Repellent) Coating.

It has fine embroidery at the heel

and red/white micro-check tablecloth inner lining.

Want to show off your drinking excellence, check out its golden “PROST”, meaning “cheers” in German, alongside the traditional three stripes.

Nothing in this world looked better with puke and beer stains, so grab this pair, pare. If you know any more products that are beer and barf proof, hit us on the comments below.

Video by: 43einhalb sneaker store

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