Ang PINAKA MAHAL na Baboy…

They say it is the KOBE BEEF of PORK… Aber, bagay kaya yan sa gin bulag?

We found this video about Mangalista, the Kobe Beef of Pork, it is a Hungarian breed of pig and medyo nahihiwagaan kami sa kung anong lasa nito. Kobe beef is considered to be the best and most popular brand of Wagyu beef, and to say that Mangalista is its pork version speaks volumes about the quality and pedigree of this meat. Chris Andersen shares that they have a higher quality of fat just like the equally popular Black Iberian Pig. Watch the video and see how this Investment Banker has exchanged his suits for a farmer’s denim. Also check out how this Mangalista Pork is served in restaurants by this Chef below. Cheers!

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