Bakit the BEST ang FILIPINA

If you don’t agree, then lagot ka sa kumander mo pre!

All women are special but for us Filipinos, no one can compare the beauty and traits of a Filipina. Filipina beauty has been constantly given praise by the world since the time of Gloria Diaz up to now in beauty competitions. But just in case you forgot, allow us to remind you why the Filipina is the best! Cheers!

  1. They are confidently beautiful with a heart, Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach spoke volumes of this trait of a Filipina
  2. They are great cooks, Filipina women can whip up a storm. Kaya tumataba ang Pinoy eh.
  3. They love to sing or dance, kung hinde ‘man, basta talented!
  4. They are very caring of their husbands/boyfriends, feeling mo parang baby..
  5. They are family oriented, and would gladly sacrifice their careers or employ overseas for their family
  6. They are highly intelligent, so don’t mistake them for fools..
  7. They are God-fearing and possess great faith, Lagi nila kakampi si Bro so be good.
  8. They are hard workers sometimes harder than their male counterparts, di papatalo sa pagbabanat ng buto to.
  9. They are mostly faithful to their partners minsan martyr pa… hugot line in 3…2…1
  10. They are very resourceful and creative, mahuhuli ka din nila balbon
  11. They are highly fertile just check out our population report..
  12. They possess great sense of humor… kung di ka makuha sa luto, mahuhulog ka sa kakatawa..
  13. They grow old gracefully, kaya wag mo ng hulaan ang edad nila
  14. They are great mothers, they will kill, maim and pillage for their kids
  15. They are exceptional patient, wag mo lang abusin mga repa..


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