Bibili ka ba ng Pulutan dito?

Mala-Jurasic Park na Palengke!!!


Welcome to Iquitos, Peru, the largest city on the planet that could only be reached through plane or boat. The City is packed with more than half a million people and they mostly live in house stilts, like our kababayan friends of Mindanao, the Badjaos.

We found this video of a guy that visited the most exotic market in the world. Where you can have yellow footed tortoise for $6 or that large fish the Arapaima that are so big they can feed a family of 10. Crocodiles are also in the menu as well as other exotic animals.

Some of the people of Iquitos do try to conserve nature, manatee or seacows (we also used to have those in the Philippines), monkeys…etc. But the fight against commerce is a losing battle. Pre, bibili ka ba ng pulutan dito? Share your comments and experiences with us in the comments below.

Video: Dāv Kaufman Vlogs

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