Bourdain: The Rock Star Chef is OUT

In so many ways, he was the definite definition of a Celebrity Rockstar Chef, Anthony Bourdain’s contribution to the elevation of Filipino Cuisine in the International Stage is unrivaled and unparalleled. Rest In Peace, Idol.

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Before Filipino Cuisine experienced this Golden Age, the rest of the world didn’t have a clue what we have as a nation offer in terms of food heritage. Hell, we where just a nation that produced Manny Pacquiao and the rest of the details are somewhat blurred  between the lines until Mr. Bourdain declared that the next Food Sensation is Filipino Food and having the best pork dish in the world, Sisig.

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The world listened and gave our cuisine a second look. They flocked to restaurants that offered some versions of our cuisine and boy, where they were impressed. The influence of this rock star chef is just that strong. And just like other celebrities that showed love to anything Pinoy, we gave this Brooklyn native the same love and respect. Any Pinoy foodie, chef or cook knows and idolizes Anthony Bourdain, not only because of his palate but more of his bravery, that courage to go out there and meet the world. He might have been one of the reasons why Americans would go and step out of their comfort zones and not fear the world.

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We, at Pulutan Club, don’t care about all the reasons he might have to dim his star so abruptly at the age of 61 years old. All we wanted to say is Thank you, Idol, for sharing your life, your palate and your love and passion for food. You will be greatly miss. The Rock star Chef is out. His kitchen is close but his food lives on. Cheers!

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