CAUGHT CHEATING on Valentines Day

Why did i do it? What brought me to do it?

Love is a complicated feeling, complex and untamed, it will make fools out of anyone from any walks of life. Not even the strong independent woman nor the dominant Alpha Male is immune to the powers of love. From the old adage of Francisco Balagtas; “O pagibig na makapangyarihan, kapag pumasok sa puso nino man. hahamakin ang lahat, masunod ka lamang”. Tagos buto sya, beshie.

So what are the reasons why people cheat? is there a science to it? is it a uncontrollable choice or is it conscious mistake? We gathered some of the general reasons why people cheat, which one is yours? Cheers!

1. Lack of Love – He/she is not the one; boring stagnant relationship that fall out of love

2. Sexual Desire – Unsatisfied with the sex life

3. Neglect – Not Feeling Appreciated

4. Situation – getting attention for the first time from the opposite sex

5. Variety – Motto: YOLO, so you want to experience it all.

6. Low Commitment – risking little to protect your personal feelings

7. Esteem – it improves your sense of self worth, increase your social status or popularity

8. Anger – revenge, that dish best serve cold, to get even.

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