Chopping Piglets, Ducks, Pigeons…etc

Why is this so oddly relaxing and satisfying to look at?

The precision, the repetitive nature of the task, the unique sound of each cut. All valid reasons why watching this clip we found is relaxing and satisfying.

This video is from a stall in Hong Kong. Different kinds of deep fried or roasted meat are sold here and when an order is up, two of its cooks chop their way to piglets, ducks, pork ribs, pork belly, chickens and even pigeons. Each cut is precise, with almost robot-like techniques. Each time an order is done, it makes us wonder, where does this one go? Would it go with beer or hard liquor?  Would it find itself served at home or a resto. All these because we watched some meat get chopped. Cheers!

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