The Club goes bar hopping in the the City Capital of Mindanao: Davao City

Pulutan Club visited the city of President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte and here is what we observed.

  • Even thought the Martial Law is still in effect, the lives of the people are still the same and normal.
  • Davaenos are disciplined people and has respect of the Law.
  • They party crazy too just like other Filipinos
  • I had my phone out the whole trip, didn’t felt any harm
  • They observe traffic and smoking rules, even taxi’s give you the right amount of change..
  • They like to sing, dance and live bands.
  • We visited the Roxas Night Market for some street food. (this area was bombed in 2016)
  • We went to Parking Space, the go-to scene for artist visiting the city
  • A new food park just opened called Boxed Up offers a great venue for casual gastronomic experience.
  • The Brick Lane Square is a bar/resto central that houses INFINITY 101 and Business Class for a proper drinks and pulutan.

Come visit Davao City, this is just a small glimpse of the night life this safe city has to offer. Cheers!