This pulutan is always present in weddings, birthdays even in burials…

We go deeper in to the history and traditions of our Filipino forebears as we discover the pulutan that is a must for our Sagada kababayans up Northern Luzon, Philippines.

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We uncovered this video about Etag, a salted and smoked pork dish of the Igorot that they use for rituals and celebrations. The pork is salted, marinates over night, then smoked for 2 weeks. After smoking, it is kept inside a wooden box for a month to a year.

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After one year, the Etag looks dark, almost bark-ish in nature and with maggots. This etag is then chopped and re-hydrated through boiling and served as part of the Pinikpikan, Igorots version of Sisig. What comes out is a smoked ham flavor that is so unique, you’ll be proud that its Filipino. Cheers!