Filipino Boodle Fight Mind Blows Foreigner…

Ang mahuli, magugutom! Tara, boodle fight tayo!

Boddle Fight is a Filipino Military Tradition enjoyed among families, friends and from anybody in every walks of life. In this tradition, camaraderie and kinship is nurtured bonding everyone into one cohesive unit. Kaya pati politiko, ito na ang hilig kainin tuwing malapit na ang eleksyon, smh!

We found this video of a foreigner who tried to elevate the bar of the boodle fight. Aside from the rice, the seafood and vegetables, he tops all that with a lechon de leche like a big cherry. Needless to say, it is not the type or the price of food served in boodle fights that matter but the people around you that shares that food with you.

Can you surpass this boodle fight? Share your ideas with us in the comments section. Cheers!

Video: Best Ever Food Review Show

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