Free International Calls to the Philippines ARAW-ARAW…

FREE BEE helps OFW/ Immigrants stay connected to their love ones in the country for absolutely nothing.

Making international calls from anywhere in the world is worth a fortune, mas mahal pa sa pag-kain minsan. With more and more of our fellow Filipinos brave the uncertainties of working abroad to earn more and support their family, lucky for them that there’s an App allowing them to make those calls for FREE.

Free Bee is a Mobile Application that allows our love ones abroad to make FREE international calls every day to your family’s landline or cellphone using the Free Bee app – the person you are calling doesn’t need internet connection to receive the calls, doesn’t need to download the app, doesn’t even need a smart phone!

Simply listen to a mobile ad to be rewarded with a free international call to the Philippines. Or, for an uninterrupted ad-free calling experience, you may also purchase premium call credits at the best rates.

Image may contain: textGet Free Bee FREE Calls to the Philippines
Enjoy up to 2 minutes when you make a FREE call to the Philippines with Free Bee. How many calls do you get? It’s a surprise and it varies every day! Just keep tapping on the Free Bee button to see whether there are more free calls in store for you!

Most Affordable call rates
If the 2-minute FREE calls are not enough, you can purchase Free Bee premium call credits for an ad-free calling experience. Enjoy the most affordable international call rates to the Philippines – as low as USD 0.01 per minute! Packages start at USD 2 for 100 minutes.

What are you waiting for Kapamilya, Kapuso, Katropa at Katsismisan…download the app and start making those calls. We miss hearing your voice! Cheers!


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