Highlights from Episode 1 Hot Sauce Challenge (Guinness World Records Holder Smokin’ Eds Carolina Reaper)

The Pulutan Club team went camping at Kaliraya Surf Kamp to shoot a hot sauce challenge with 5.. yes 5 of the hottest hot hot hot sauces available in the market.  This includes Smokin’ Eds Carolina Reaper, the Guinness World Records holder for the hottest chilli out there.

This is episode 1 of a round table series entitled “Pulutan Club Sessions”.  We plan to make more so be sure to stay tuned! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and Like our Facebook Page. 

Here are some of the highlights (Hahaha)..

Cho is feeling it!!!


And this is what happens when you get some hot sauce on your eyes!


true friends be like…

that exact moment… sapul!

when you need divine intervention to get through smokin’ ed’s carolina reaper


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Just click on the image to buy the hot sauces featured on the video:

Melinda’s Original Scorpion Peper Sauce (buy here)

The Hottest Fuckin’ Sauce (buy here)


Fire Ball (buy here)

Da Bomb (buy here)

Reaper Squeezins (buy here)











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