Ito talaga ang gusto namin plus… hehehe

Kasama ng matamis mong “Oo” ang mga regalo na to! Well, sana nga…

Women are less complicated to deal with when it comes to gifts during the Valentines, aside from the traditional gifts, there are a plethora of things to consider as a gift from lingerie (only if your a couple, or else it would be creepy) to bags, accessories or just her favorite food. On the other hand, mas mahirap magregalo sa lalaki. Men are picky, with only a short list of things that interest them, more often times its a hit or a miss. To help you out ladies, we compiled some of the gifts we want to see, taste and touch, and its not only you. Cheers!

1. Video Games, easy suggestion is Call of Duty WWII

2. New Basketball shoes/trainers, Nike Philippines or Adidas Philippines

3. Tickets (Concert or Sports Game)

4. Grooming Package from TondoX, secreto ng SAKSAKAN sa Gwapo

5. Perfect Watch

6. Tie bar and Cufflinks

7. Get a massage together, try Ahavia SPA

8. Below Zero Beer Refrigerator or a Wine Fridge Beer BELOW ZERO

9. Whiskey with Cocktail Maker Set

10. A massively long bar-crawl that ends in your room

11. Sports Jersey from his favorite team, NBA STORE PH

12. Kickass headphones like Beats by Dre

13. Sunglasses, Check out Ray-Ban

14. Coffee Maker with his favorite Beans, support local Bo’s Coffee

15. Go to a cooking class, Perfect Steaks!

16. Perfume or Cologne

17. A staycation package and just go Netflix and Chill

18. Wallet or Bag

19. Nike Classic Hoodie, so he can go Hoodie + First Name ON Nike Hoodie

20. Bacon… Tons of it!

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