M/S Galley Foodhub: The Secret Gem Of Greenwoods

Why eating here is supporting a man’s pursuit of his passion…

Nestled in the heart of one of the vast subdivisions in the Metro Manila, Greenwoods Executive Village, is this new comfort food restaurant that you owe yourself to visit. The food they serve speaks volumes of the palate and background of its Chef and owner Marc Ang.  The resto, M/S Galley Foodhub, was named after the term used by sailors and seaman’s to call the kitchen of the ship, the Galley.

A galley would look like

Chef Ang owner of M/S Galley Food Hub

Chef Ang started his passion as a HRM graduate new to the food industry as a line cook in TGI Fridays then moved on to gain more experience with Manila Peninsula before biting the bullet and embarking on a long career as an OFW seaman. At the back of his mind, still burns the dream of establishing a restaurant that would cater to the hearts and taste buds of his neighbors in Greenwoods Subdivision.


M/S Galley Foodhub is proud of their best sellers: The ribs, soft off the bone delicious rack of 8 to 12 bones is a standout complimented with a side of fries or rice and half a cob of sweetcorn.

Rack of 8 ribs

Their Quarter pound Cheese Burgers, juicy, cooked to your preference is a must try with a good heaping of crispy fries on the side.

Excuse me, but i’m gonna eat this beauty!

The selection of Chicken Wings is a standard but with Chef Ang’s experience, he elevated the coating and the dips. We ordered the Garlic Parmesan but asked for a sample of their hot spicy sauce. The chicken moist, well seasoned but dipped it to the garlic mayo and the flavors become complex: savory, creamy, sweet with a sharp garlic taste. Level that up by a dash of the Hot Spicy Sauce and it transforms the dish into another stage: tangy, sour with a burn that is not over powering but lingers in the back. Splash the burn with a gulf of beer and its plain heaven with angels singing their “ahhhhhhhh” in the background.

The porterhouse steak is tender, simply season to highlight the local beef flavor that binds well with the corncob and fries while their Grilled Pork Belly just smelts in your tongue almost like butter with garlic rice and atsara.

Porterhouse Steak

Grilled Pork Belly

The ambiance of the Galley is laid back, with well decorated walls and wooden chairs and tables. There is a good view of the park outside, where laughter and playful antics of the neighboring children is just a few steps away. There is ample parking outside and being located inside a gated subdivision adds a layer of security.

So if ever you find yourself within the neighborhood of Greenwoods Executive Village, may it be the Pasig, Cainta, Taytay or Marikina side, come do yourself a favor and eat at MS Galley Foodhub, not only would you enjoy great comfort food at very popular prices, each bite is a cheer of support to one man’s pursuit of passion. Something that we at Pulutan Club will always support. Cheers!

Price Range: P150- P550

On a Date? A couple would set you back P500 to P1000 for two that would yield 3 to 4 dishes.

Taste: Comfort food American Dishes with a touch of Filipino Fare (ask for their fresh seafood dishes)

Food Variety: The Galley offers a wide range of food dish to choose from ribs to seafood to pastas and burgers.

Food Sources: MS Galley Foodhub prides itself by utilizing all locally sourced ingredients, the chef does their own marketing routes and picks the best available ingredients.

Waiters: Courteous and Attentive with ninja instincts that almost predicts your needs.

MS Galley Foodhub is located at 41 Chestnut Street Phase 2, Greenwoods Executive Village, Cainta

You may follow them at their social media accounts
Facebook account: msgalleyfoodhub
Instagram: msgalleyfoodhub

Or have your food delivered by calling 02-452-2547

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