Nano’s Kusina

Our family’s favourite dishes made from scratch delivered to your door

Let’s all support Mara San Diego of Nano’s Kusina.

How it all started

It started in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. Our business consists of Filipino cuisine and the creative mind behind it is our father. He started cooking at the age of 10 years old with just a can of corned beef.



My father. He’s already 68 years old. We told them to never give up in starting a business because he’s really talented in cooking.

What’s your favorite thing about your establishment?

The unity we have in our family.

What Pulutan or dishes would you recommend to first-timers and why?

Crispy pata! It has a very tender meat with crunchy skin paired with papa’s special sauce.

How about the drinks? 😁 What would you recommend to first-timers and why?

Drink whatever they want. Our food is perfect for pulutan and for ulam 🙂

Where are you located?

Quezon City

Operating Hours

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

How To Order

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