Oh My Omakase…

Its one of the times that the diner is king, have you had a Omakase?

Food can be sometimes generic, take for instance the available food at your favorite fast food/ Even the hefty price of some buffet finds can not offer the that unique experience each hungry customer needs and craves for. Until perhaps you get the chance to eat Omakase. Ano ba naman kasi meron sa Omakase?

We found this video of Sushi Masters explaining the serving of this art. Omakase is a Japanese word that means “I leave it up to you” or ” I entrust you”.  In Japanese cuisine, it means you trust and allow the chef to surprise you and wow you with this offer of dishes utilizing his ingredients and techniques.  Literal na para kang nagpapaligaw sa chef at ikaw ang bida! Omakase typically uses in the season ingredients to insure freshness and the skill and expertise of the chef is in wide display as you witness each step of the preparations down to the presentation up to the time you shove that food into your pie hole.

Every Omakase dining experience comes great with a bottle of your favorite beer or if you fancy enough some Sake, to clean your palate after each bite. Cheers!

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