P40 Million Reasons to be a Digital Gladiator…

  • Games are not just for fun any more, it also earns serious moolah!

Game addicts used to have bad reputation for wasting their time, for others, its a vice that would not produce any good future. They are even ridiculed to amounting to nothing and would never be a source of any pride whatsoever. Think again.

We found this video that gave us a glimpse of the sacrifices and the talent these young lads need to endure to call themselves as Champions. Team TNC has been a continues source of national pride as they represent the country in numerous international competition both here and in abroad. They live in booth camps to hone their talents and forego interactions with their love ones for them to focus on winning.

Like a soldier during training, these digital gladiators brave the anguish of loneliness and seclusion to give pride and honor to the country. The endorsements and free gear are not so bad too. Not to mention, these teens aged not older than 26 years old, has won for themselves P40 Million pesos in cash prices. Not bad for playing games. Cheers!


Video: GMA Public Affairs

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