Pinoy FLARES up the Competition…

Petmalung Lodi na to, pinahanga ang mga dayo, nakakabilib ka tol!

Filipinos are one hell of a talented race, from our boxing heroes to our world class singers to our gems in billiards and bowling, we are definitely a gifted race. That’s why even if we live in a small nation, the world is still in awe of us. We are resilient proud people with strong faith in God and sports a helping smile.

When the moment arises that we need to step up to the plate and prove our worth, we do in the most exceptional way. We found this old video of a Pinoy bartender from TGIF rocking the show in his way to win the Asia Pacific Bartender Competition. He was a ball of energy, showcasing his talent like he owned the place.  Enthusiastic and accommodating, funny and electrifying, he took the show to another level. It doesn’t hurt that he was performing in our home turf as the strong Filipino support showers him with shouts and applause! Truly proving, that its always fun in the Philippines, Cheers!

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