Pulutan Sessions Sesh 2: Flammin’ Pizza Galore

The Pulutan Club is out again with another session and this time the stakes are high. After the much successful, first-ever in the country Pizza Race Delivery Challenge, what are we suppose to do with all that pizzas?

We gotta eat it! Mahirap makipagtitigan sa pizza, di tayo mananalo. To literally spice things up, our friends from Esquis’Hot Sauce hooked us up with 7, yes 7 more hot sauce to add to our previous 5. These 7 Filipino made hot sauce are: Jolokia, Bumborass, Papogi, Girlfriend Experience, Peaches Burn, Killer Queen, and Mango Ghost. Add that to our lineup of hot sauces from the first session and all in all we have 12 hot sauces!

Image may contain: drink, indoor and food

This is the 2nd session of our Pulutan Club Series, do you want to challenge us? Hit us up in the comments section and we might just invite you to join in for our next sessions. Hit that LIKE and FOLLOW  in our Facebook, instagram and youtube, so you wont miss out on what’s cooking here in Pulutan Club! Cheers!

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