Sana Naging Wagyu Beef Na Lang Ako…

How does this beef live stress free lives, served beautifully and tastes like heaven? Siguro ganun din naman ang tao pagminal, pag-inalagaan at  pinapahalagahan.

Wagyu beef is considered to be one of the most tender and delicious meat not only in Japan but also in the whole world. Having more than 300+ brands, with Kobe as the most popular and expensive, Wagyu beef raising is an art into itself. Wag dapat ma-stress ang baka. Kaya pala naninigas katawan ko kanina, di na ako Wagyu.

We found this video of another popular Wagyu brand, the Tottori, less popular compared to Kobe but just as good for less than the price. Tottori won the best beef award in Wagyu Olympics last year, besting 513 other brands but without Kobe and Matsuzaka. Wagyu Beef lives stress-free in areas near fresh air and clean water with healthy diets and go about the day just relaxing. Sarap naman nun, talo mo pa hari, wala kang stress.

Our take away from the video is the Principle of Itadakimasu (I humbly receive), it is to express gratitude for all who played a role in preparing, cultivating, ranching or hunting of the food. Japanese people are so grateful people and they honor the people behind their food that has helped elevate Japanese Cuisine as a fine art by itself. Cheers!


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