Showboating Defeat…The Ultimate Karma


Saan na ang yabang mo? Let your fists do the talking.

You wouldn’t believe how this fight unfolds. We found this video reminiscing the fight by then reigning champion Adrien Broner versus knock-out specialist Marcos Maidana.  Talk about how Marcos “El Chino” Maidana having a declamation speech on Adrien Broner’s face. This fight was four years ago, Dec 14, 2013 and yet it speaks volumes on how anyone can silence a trash-talking punk. At the get-go of the match, El Chino welcomed Broner with a strong left hook that staggers him. The narcissist feeling the pain of the punch, thought the he can sustain it, went ahead and disrespected the Argentinian and the sport at the dying seconds of the round. Come second round, the boxer that has never been floored before, hit the canvas almost stiff as a log but still recovered although with wobbly difficulty.

The fight continues with Maidana investing heavily on body shots. At the middle of the 8th round, Broner received another left hook as he tries to defend his lower body from body shots onslaught, he goes down yet again stunning the champ. The American’s corner was frustrated, at the break before the 11th round, Broner was advised that he needs a knockout, but the champ was tired, barely defending against the barrage of punches this Latino brawler gives him. In the 11th round, with the win almost in his arms, El Chino return the insult that he received from Adrien. And when all was said and done, Marcos’ fist spoke the loudest, he won by unanimous decision against a humbled opponent. This fight is a classic. Cheers!

Video by: Boxing Legends TV

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