Tara, FOOD TREAT tayo sa Pasay!

Food, music and fun collide at this venue… Food Treat Pasay

The Club is out again to try new meccas of food and fun, and we found ourselves at the corner of Antipolo and Roxas Boulevard in Pasay for what felt was an awesome time from the get go.

Outside Food Treat is a display of playful lights and colors that really captures your attention. The ambiance, energetic, like you have a gut felling that you’er in for a treat of epic proportions. The establishment has 3 levels of stalls offering food, products and services ranging from your pulutan to dessert and vape juice to massage service. A live band compliments the party scene down on the ground floor but if you’re in for some bar sports, they have billiards and darts on the third floor.

We tried stalls in Food Treat: Prito Boi, The Waff and Oyster Shack, and to say we were overwhelmed with the texture, flavor and freshness of these food is an understatement. If your looking forward to textures of crisp, savory with a lil tangy vinegar then Prito Boi got you without breaking a sweat. Go for their freshly deep fried Squid Butterfly and Chicharon Bulaklak… Argh! You wont look at squid the same way. If you have that uncontrollable sweet tooth then The Waff got you, Fam! Their desserts are decadent and insatiably irresistible, you wont stop with the first bite. Go for the Choco Loco, its insanely good! Since we went there to have fun, we tried some oysters from Oysters Shock. Pare, you wont be disappointed with the freshness, taste and quality of their dish. Go for their Aligot or their Onion Bomb, its unforgettable! Bite into that Aligot, the crispy outside goes well with the soft cheesy inside and the onion bomb, sweet onion flavor with the ground meat inside bursting in savoriness with a flash of heat from the chili, an instant classic right there!

So what are you waiting for, head over to Food Treat Pasay and try these dishes, try everything! There’s no better place to relax, eat and enjoy the night away only at Food Treat! Cheers!

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