The Batman would love this…

According to Zachary Davidson of Quora, Batman has 20-plus things that he carries on his Batbelt. How Batman does this is beyond me. Maybe hip thrusts cover majority of his exercise regimen.

But Batman would surely envy you if you have this. Introducing, the BevBelt!

We found this video that surely took my breath away. How innovative and ingenious, where can I buy this? It’s a buckle you can attach to your belt and serves as a beverage holder. Now, why didn’t they invent this any sooner? It can handle a bottle of beer or a can of your favorite soda. How amazing is that? I hope they can make a version na swak na swak yung Red Horse Mucho, because that’s how I roll (*mic dropped*).

Viddeo by: VT

How many bad guys could Batman fight with this on his belt? More i bet! Belt so good I know Robin the Boy Wonder will say, “Holy Belt Buckles, Batman!” Tell us your thoughts on the comment section below.

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