The Greatest Drinker of All Time

106 bottles of beer and the man was just starting…

We found this video clip about André René Roussimoff a.k.a. Andre the Giant, World Wrestling Hall of Famer and was once dubbed to be one of the biggest sport athlete in the world. Standing 7 feet 4 inches and weighing 520 pound, he might as well be a mountain of a man.

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The people who knew him shared stories of what could be considered as alcohol binge pero para kay Andre nang gigising palang sya ng bahay (Kastilyo) alak. Ikaw ba naman, isang case ng wine, starter pa lang sa iba comatose dosage na. With his size and weight, the hotel would need a backhoe to lift him whenever he pass out, which is normally a few steps away from the elevator. Siguro feeling pasko ang bellhop ng hotel pag-umabot sya. Watch the video about the man who loved his booze more than himself. Cheers!

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