The MUGEN Secret Diet… REVEALED!

Want to rock that six pack on the beach soon?

Mugen is a Japanese word for ” dream” or “fantasy”. It is also a word for “infinite”, “unlimited” and “endless”. No wonder this was the moniker our kababayan Mark “MUGEN” Striegl has chosen represent him. Standing 5’8 and weighing 145lbs, the Mugen is in tip top shape, and has won his last three fights in the Mixed Martial Art circuit.

We hangout with Mark along with his friend Justin over a few drinks of Bacardi 151. Justin, a 6’4 boulder of a man, just started training with Mark almost a month ago and has lost a whooping 30 pounds. Hailing from Japan and now staying in Taiwan, Justin has not tried the local Balut, the Diet of Champions, na nagpapatigas ng… tuhod. We were happy to oblige. Watch the video as Mark MUGEN Striegl shows how to down a proper balut, Cheers!

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