They Challenge Will Smith To Do What now???

What on earth is a “HELI-BUNGEE”??!

We found this video of the Guys of YES Theory Challenging Will “Fresh Prince”Smith to go Heli-Bungee with them. Wait what? What is a heli-bungee? As avid fans of the multi-talented actor, they asked their followers to make Will Smith notice their challenge.

To which we found a video of Will Smith Accepting The Challenge, but with 3 non-negotiable conditions.

  • They do the challenge for CHARITY
  • They do the challenge After Will Smith finish shooting his new movie
  • They do the challenge in the GRAND CANYON

And here is the reaction from the Guys of Yes Theory when Will Smith Accepted their Challenge. This will be EPIC… stay tune for the actual challenge. Cheers!

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